Our Team Approach

Providing ABA interventions in home facilitates learning and decreases undesirable behaviors. Our home -based services are designed to be intensive and target skill building and behavior management in the child’s natural environment. Working with the child at home is beneficial for many reasons including:

  • Social Skills

  • Self-help skills (e.g. toilet training, self-dressing, self-care, etc.)

  • Family interactions (e.g. performing chores, shopping, eating out, etc.)

  • Verbal behavior

  • Independence

Home-based ABA therapy provides behavior analysts the opportunity to work closely with the child’s family to develop a treatment plan and co-treat with other providers that are a part of your team.

Through Applied Behavior Analysis in the center, sessions are personalized to the needs of each child. SDABA believes a center-based program in conjunction with a home-based program is the most successful way to run an ABA program.

Our center-based model is designed to promote growth in many skills including social interactions, skill acquisition, play skills, communication, and adaptive skills. Our facilities offer a fun and welcoming environment and each of our locations offer unique benefits.

Home Based Services

Center Based Services

Family / Care Giver Training Program

Parent Training is an integral part of every ABA Therapy program. This is the segment where Family can learn to understand and apply the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to help promote the best outcomes for their child. This setting is direct training and discussion from your Case BCBA and your Family. If you consider the amount of time your child will be at home without RBT or BCBA present, you can understand the impact of the Family continuing the behavior training that has occurred during sessions daily.

Your BCBA will provide documentation materials to help guide you along with the program designed specifically for your child's plan goals.

Group Programs

Social Skills:

Social Skills classes focus on the skills we use to communicate and interact with each other both verbally and non-verbally through gestures, body language and our personal appearance.

School Readiness Program:

Learning begins at birth. Making the most of early learning moments can be the difference between a fragile beginning and a strong start at school. Our clinic based School Readiness program aims to help your child become self-aware as your child gets ready for the school setting.

Community / Client Social Outreach Programs

Movie Sunday:

Parent Night Out:

Summer Camp:

Winter Camp:

Movie Sunday is focused on the generalization of acquired skills, or to facilitate the clients learning of etiquettes while watching a movie in a peer group setting. The social interactions are group oriented with assistance from the staff and BC(a)BA’s oversight

During the busy Christmas Holiday Season, SDABA utilizes the added available time with the kids on break to host a week long camp before the holiday packed full of Holiday games, activities, and celebration. Depending on the location each clinic offers different programs.

Everyone needs a break from time to time. We offer children a safe and enjoyable evening of social interaction, dinner, and games. The parents’ night out allows clients the ability to strengthen their social skills and continued progress in their generalization of skills. Siblings of clients are welcome and encouraged to attend as peer models

Clinical Locations

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